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ZIPLOC x DISNEY - Container Basic Assort - Mickey & Friends 2019
ZIPLOC x DISNEY - Container Basic Assort - Mickey & Friends 2019

ZIPLOC x DISNEY - Container Basic Assort - Mickey & Friends 2019

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This is 2019 limited design with Disney characters printed. 

  • Both main body and lid are heat resistant temperature of 140 ℃, cold tolerance temperature is -20 ℃, can be used widely from frozen food preservation to microwave heating. 
  • Same size as well as different sizes can be stacked and saved. 
  • When not in use can be stacked cleanly and smartly stored. 
  • It is difficult to shift when stacking with bottom surface and lid unevenness.
  • High sealing ability, clicking tightly when you press the center part of the lid. 
  • Scale on the side of the container, please use as a guide.

130ml x 2・300ml x 1・700ml x 1

Product size (width × depth × height):

Square 130: 80 × 80 × 53 (mm)
Rectangle 300: 80 × 156 × 53 (mm)
Square 700: 156 × 156 × 53 (mm)

Country of Origin:
South Korea

【Body · lid】 Polypropylene


  • Please note that you may damage your hand with a lid or container border during cleaning. 
  • When using for the first time, please use after washing. 
  • Please do not put near fire. 
  • Immediately after taking out from a freezer refrigerator, it is easy to crack, so please handle it carefully. 
  • Please do not use for oven, grill, oven toaster, direct flame. 
  • Please do not cover the food while the food is hot. There is a danger of deformation. 
  • In the case of liquids, avoid horizontal placement or shaking violently. Fluid may leak. 
  • When frozen storage of liquid, please be less than 8 minutes. 
  • Please do not use for the purpose of making ice. 
  • Depending on the type of food (curry, meat sauce etc.) the container may be colored. 
  • Do not boil. Printing of the container may be peeled off. 
  • When using in cooking utensils such as microwave oven and oven range or dishwasher, please follow the instruction manual. 
  • When disposing please follow the method defined by each municipality. 
  • 【Precautions when using microwave oven】
    • When heating, please use it without closing the lid. 
    • When removing from a microwave oven, please be careful as the container is hot. 
    • Heated cooking of foods with high oil content (curry, stew, etc.) may exceed the heat-resistant temperature, so please stay until thawing.
    • Do not use for cooking foods with high sugar content or high-viscosity seasoning liquid (miso sauce, eel sauce etc.). The temperature may rise suddenly and exceed the heat resistance temperature.