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SUQQU - Eyelash Curler

SUQQU - Eyelash Curler

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An Eyelash Curler with a unique curve and flat contour fits the curves of any eyes. The easy-use design supports your eyelashes from the roots upwards, ensuring maximum curl throughout the day.

Content: Include 2 refills

Award Winner:
MSN JAPAN Beauty Award 2013 3rd place 
* The awards are limited to the 10th anniversary model, but the specs etc are all the same.

How to Use:

  1. Leave your eyes open (look directly in front) and press the eyelash curler lightly against the eyelid at right angles. 
  2. When the eyelash curler fits into the curve of the eyelid's rim, the base of the eyelashes comes out to the part where the eyelashes stand naturally.
    * Please be careful when putting contact lens.
  3. Once it curls firmly at the root, then curl the eyelashes a little bit.
    * Please be careful not to pinch the eyelids. 

Cautions to Use:

  • Please use the eyelash curler carefully with the mirror, so it does not hurt your eyes. 
  • When using, please do not squeeze the eyelash strongly, please do not pull. It may cause breaking of eyelashes. 
  • When rubber becomes dirty or torn, replace it with the supplied rubber. If used as it is, the eyelashes may be torn or missing. 
  • After use, wipe off the dirt with tissue etc., please use it in a clean state all the time. 

Cautions to Handle:

  • Please be careful not to bend or deform the frame part. If it is deformed and the engagement becomes worse, the eyelashes may be broken. 
  • Be sure to confirm that the frame is in the center of rubber before using. If the frame is not in the center of the rubber, the eyelashes may be torn or missing. 
  • If you force it into the pouch, the frame may be distorted or deformed during carrying. Be sure to confirm that the frame is not deformed before use. 
  • Do not use if the main body deforms, such as dropping, stepping on, striking a hard object. 
  • Please keep out of reach of children. 

※ Components and display contents may change according to product improvement etc. 
※ When using, please confirm the display stated in the item.