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About Us

Hello friend, we are Eagerbuy. Your one-stop personal shopper to get the overseas products you love delivered.

Based in Los Angeles, we have a team of expert that loves to explore new food and culture just like you. While not only shopping locally, our team members always on the hunt for new products globally. Shopping locally in places like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong or the United States of America is no longer a dream; it’s not imported but purchased there. We believe where we stay should never be our boundary for trying and enjoying new things. As long as the mail can reach, we are all for it. We thrive to commit the best available personal services and shopping experiences. We handpicked the top-quality products all over the world and deliver to your doorstep, so you can enjoy the items you love at ease.

Let us be your personal shopper, your global gateway that evolves with your taste bud and culture. We look forward to assisting you.