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NESTLE KITKAT Chocolatory - Sublime Ruby®

NESTLE KITKAT Chocolatory - Sublime Ruby®

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Ruby chocolate is a new kind of chocolate created from carefully selected cacao beans known as ruby cacao. The vivid pink color is derived naturally from the cacao, with absolutely no colorings added, and it has a fruity, berry-like tartness. This miraculous ruby chocolate was first introduced to the world by KITKAT Chocolatory.

Content: 1 piece per box

Country of Manufacture: Japan

Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole powdered milk, skim milk powder etc), wheat flour, vegetable oil, lactose, sugar, cocoa powder, yeast / emulsifier, citric acid, fragrance, baking soda, yeast food, (including wheat, milk ingredients and soybeans in part)

Preservation method: 
Store in a cool place at 28°C or below, avoiding humidity.

Expiration date:
Print on each product.
We will ship with remaining over one month until the expiration date.

Allergy information: 
This product manufacturing factory manufactures products including nuts such as almonds.

After becoming soft at high temperature, this product may turn white when it cools and solidifies. 
This is a fraction of fats and oils, which is inferior in flavor, but it does not hurt your body even if you eat it.