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KOIKEYA - STRONG Potato Chips - Garlic Butter (56g) x 12 Bags
KOIKEYA - STRONG Potato Chips - Garlic Butter (56g) x 12 Bags

KOIKEYA - STRONG Potato Chips - Garlic Butter (56g) x 12 Bags

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It is addictive due to its rich, deep, multi-layered rich taste. The seasoning is caught more and the rich taste is enhanced to the utmost. The “KOIKEYA STRONG”, which has a thick and V-cut shape that gives you a crisp and chewy texture, transforms the “thickness” into a “pleasure” from the impact of the depth and the taste. The jar of garlic and the richness of butter entangled with the flavor of beef add a habit of depth. Beef extract powder is added to increase the beef feeling compared to conventional products. Butter is arranged in a melted butter style to enhance the cooking feel.

Content: 56g

Origin: Japan

Ingredient: Potato (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oil, glucose, salt, sugar, garlic powder, protein hydrolyzate (including soy), powdered soy sauce (including wheat and soy), black pepper, yeast extract powder, oligosaccharide , Butter (including milk components), beef extract powder / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), flavoring (derived from milk), acidulant, spice extract, caramel pigment, sweetener (stevia, licorice)

Allergy information:

  • Specific ingredients in the product: milk, wheat
  • According to specific raw materials in products: beef, soy
  • Specific raw materials used in the line: eggs, shrimp, crab

Nutrition components:

Internal Capacity Energy Protein Lipid Carbohydrate Salt Equivalent
56g bag 314kcal 2.9g 19.6g 31.5g 0.9g

Preservation method: Do not store in direct sunlight, hot and humid place. 

Expiration date: Print on each product.

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